How to Remove Shortcut Virus on Your Computer or Flashdisk

How to Remove Shortcut Virus on PC or FD

When you open your Flash Drive or External Hard Drive in a PC, you will see all of your files and folders looks like shortcuts. They have changed to shortcuts. Sometimes this happens only to folders. Their name is OK, but all the icons have shortcut arrow. If you try to open a file or folder (just double click) nothing will happen.

Very easily  you can solve this shortcut virus problem. You can recover your all data back because they are still there. Your data is not deleted, not damaged, they have converted to hidden data by a Virus.

Here is the easiest way to get your data back without any damage or lost.

1. Download the Shortcut Virus Remover setup file
2. Install the Shortcut Virus Remover to your Flash Drive
3. Run the application (Double click Shortcut Virus Remover .bat)
This is a 100% free software (Open-Source). If you know something about Ms-Dos, you will see, this is a Batch file. A collection of Dos commands