How to Create Sitemap on search engines (Google, Yahoo, and Bing)

How to Create sitemap on search engines (Google, Yahoo, and Bing)

After creating blog and register it on search engines, to make our blog better known by google is by createing and register sitemap. Once we know what sitemap is, then we need to immediately register the sitemap to search engines, in this case Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Sitemap is a simple way for webmasters to inform search engines (Google, for example) of the pages that can be crawled. The simplest form of a Sitemap is an XML file that lists the URLs of a site along with its metadata respectively. Metadata for example: when was the last updated, how often the URL is usually changed, and the relative level of excellence to another URL. This metadata will help search engines so it is easier to read. Web crawlers usually discover pages of a site from the links within the site itself, or from other sites. A Sitemap provides a data link and allow crawlers to explore all the URLs in it, and then analyzing each URL by using metadata attached to them. However, using the Sitemap protocol does not guarantee that our web pages will be indexed by search engines. 

  • Sitemap on Google
The first step is to enter the account google you, then to the webmaster tool or click here and login with your google account. Then we will be brought to webmastertool dashboard page, then click the url of your blog that you want to register sitemapnya Click Add New Sitemap Sitemap or box contents are indicated by an arrow with a sitemap:


Every time include a sitemap click submit sitemap . 
Why should make 3 sitemap and actually the same (of atoms), due to google by default (sitemap no. 1) will only index 25 is our last post, so if we have the post up to 100 there is a 75 post Last we have not indexed anymore. Then it needs to be added as in no. 2 and 3 so that the indexed to 200 posts. If you want more just add the sitemap just by replacing the numbers 100 and 200.

  • Sitemap on Yahoo
Go to Yahoo Site Explorer or click here . Sign in with your account yahoo us. Then click the Submit Site Feed. You will be asked to fill out our site feed. So please use the sitemap as in no.1 above by adding the address in front of our blog, like this:
Next, please add the sitemap to another (such as no. 2 and 3).

  • Sitemap on Bing
Before you submite your site or blog then I hope you have Bing account if you don't then just create one, you can instantly create by going to the following url: If you already have an account you can sign into that address. Now you fill in the url address of your blog example, need to remember the url address that in a case must be demonstrated. Then you input the address of the sitemap, sitemap there are some addresses:

Wordpress: or

Then input your email address and press submit, then you will go to the meta tag veryfikas. Select the meta tag and put the code on the header of your template, for penguna you can use the input plugin available. If you have press the return to site list. sekrang url and your blog has been listed in webmaster bing.

Once your blog is listed then you can see a report done by indexing robots.txt bing.
You can also use ping MSNbot in indexing speed up your blog this way:[] By using this then expected to be on our blog directly by msnbot crawler and did not wait too long.