How To Hack Nokia E71 with Firmware 510.21.009

Here is working method to hack the Nokia E71 firmware 510.21.009  and install unsigned application on the phone. You need unhacked Phone with firmware 510.21.009, Binpda cerfiticate file to sign applications.

follow the steps:

1. Download HelloOX 2.03

2. Perform signing with cert on HelloOX (signing Hellox

3. Install HelloOX.sis files that have been certified to E71

4. Open the folder installations, then run HelloOX

5. Just Yes on all questions "Do you want to install .." that appears, just follow the process until HelloOX show "applying patches ..."

6. After about 2 minutes, press cancel to close HelloOX then run back HelloOX

7. Follow the process until the notification appears "You can uninstall me ..". That is, the process has been completed and ente could find in the folder ROMPatcher installations

8. Run ROMPatcher, on the menu "open4all" select options> patches> apply. Then once again press Options> patch> add to auto.

9. ROMPatcher Exit, then uninstall HelloOX (his ROMPatcher biarin aja)

10. The process has been completed, restart the phone. When turned on, and for all, the phone is ready to accept any unsigned applications to install.

note: Do this mod at your own risk, you may damage your phone