How to get certificate via OPDA and signing Hellox

How to get cert and key :

1. Open this Link

2. Click on the register

3. Enter your data, then click register

4. After register, please login

5. Click My Certificates to continue

6. Click Apply cer

8. After aplly cert, would look like this

10. If the cert and key are over, then download it

How to sign Hellox :

1. Download what you need for your phone model and extract to your pc


HelloOX1.v1.00 (FW ver100, 110,200,210)
HelloOX2.v2.00 (FW ver300)
HelloOX2.v2.00 (FW ver400)

2. Download and install the signer and sign HelloOX using the signer:

Signer tool:


3. Install the HelloOX which has signed on your mobile phone.

4. Done.