How to Create ‘con’ folder on desktop

Can you create ‘con‘ folder on desktop or in any part of your hard disk..
Okay then create it in your hard disk and show.
Ha...not succeded a ?
Hmm...the name ‘con’ is the reserved name
Which no body can use it
And even there are so many names which we cant create ,they are:

1.) CON---[console]
2.) PRN---[printer]
3.) NUL--- [nul1]
4.) COM1 TO COM9---[serial communicaton ports]
5.) LPT1 TO LPT9---[line printer ports]

So we cant use them
But by knowing this we can create
+ But not the exact con folder,i am just adding the ASCII code after that name which cannot be visible
Okay to make that is ...
Create a new folder by right click on desktop
Rename it as a con and press 'ALT+0160'
Please remember that the numbers should be pressed from num pad only.
Here the key ALT0160 is the ascii code of the character ' ' which cannot be visible
Then hurry up create the folder...
There is an other trick to create this folder ,but that is by using MS DOS .But the draw back is that if u create that folder than its impossible to delete the folder. so, Im not writing here. Thanks@Samrat21