Blackberry Tips: Remove Memory Card Safely

Blackberry Tips: Remove Memory Card Safely

As one of smartphones, BlackBerry gives users flexibility in storing all their files in the handset memory. In addition to internal memory, BlackBerry usually provides an external memory even up to 16GB. 

With the memory card, BlackBerry users can of course use this memory card by filling out the files from movies, music or ring tones. You can stop using the USB, using only the memory card on this BlackBerry. Moreover, the current storage card this is a very useful tool. the simple way seen as the BlackBerry uses a standard micro USB cable, means can connect the device to any computer and use smartphone as an external drive. Since BlackBerry using the standard USB driver to connect, modern computers have no trouble connecting and using the memory card on the smartphone is made ​​by RIM . 

You can transfer data to and from devices like USB flash drives. But you also have to be careful when moving or pulling the memory card from BlackBerry. Because sometimes, users often do not know if the memory card is being read files abruptly take memory card. This will damage the memory card is you, not even your file may not be saved anymore. Well, to avoid this you should ensure that memory card with BlackBerry is off . 
However, users can also turn off the activity of the memory card manually. Here's how to manually turn off your BlackBerry memory card reading functionality to be secure when lifted or moved. A little note, make sure you know the operating system on the device, because each OS has a difference in setting the. 

OS5: Options-> Memory-> settings change the media card support to "Off" (Do it again in a way similar to on- right back) 

OS6: Options-> Device-> Storage-> press the menu key and select "Safely Remove Card " So, maximize your handset memory card and keep it safe to use it!