Battery Saving Tips on Android Phone

Battery Saving Tips on Android Phone

Having an ideal smartphone can now be obtained thanks to the presence of the Android operating system. Yes, based on open source OS is to make almost any device with a range of prices could be fixed with the OS, and labeled 'Smartphone'. 

However, sometimes the problem is different from the mobile smartphone features vibrant with a variety of applications. So the need was not just another cell phone to communicate only with a call or sms. The number of downstream applications into Android handheld devices, sometimes making the phones are easily weakened. Excessive power consumption and 'wasteful' makes Android handset batteries run out quickly. Here are simple tips so that your battery can last a long time, the Legal summarized from various sources. 

1. Turn off unused applications anymore. This phone does have function of multitasking, so users can run one application to another without having to turn off the previous application. On the one hand it's good, but bad application is still running it also takes energy, though not used. To do this, users can do it manually by turning it off one by one. However, you can also use applications such as 'Advanced Task Killer' to turn off, or sorting applications where you want to 'be killed'. In addition, there is another application called 'dry to Save Battery Battery'. It is much more complete, because it also provides additional information which applications are consuming great energy. 

2. Reduce the brightness of the screen you do not need the resolution of lighting during the day or outside the room. Thus, the screen on your device can be reduced to conserve battery life. The way is easy, go to 'settings' and select' display, then the user can adjust color and contrast ratio kecerahaan. 

3. Turn off the live wallpaper Android phone is very cool when they appear with the wallpaper that can be moved. However, unfortunately this is quite strenuous for the handset battery. There's a good idea to simply replace the regular wallpaper, for mengemat battery. 

4. Mobile network computer in the hand is pinned to this Android phone, because of its ability to explore the virtual world is admirable. But if you're not in the online state, it helps the mobile network is turned off to save the condition. The trick, go into the settings menu, then select Wireless and network, and only then select a mobile network, then select the function 'off'. 

* Tips are used in the Android version 2.2 (Froyo) and above. Legal test with Desire S (2.3)