Download AVG PC Tune up 2012 Full + Serial Number

AVG PC Tune up 2012 Full + Serial Number | Size: 7.8 MB

AVG PC TUNE UP one of the best software for windows operating system. Now a days this software very popular to everyone. It's works defrag and optimize on window registry, Improve disk and clean of initialization, Provide high speeds Internet through AVG tune up starting AVG.

It's the top 10 software which scan on computer very quickly like others. It's work few seconds of scan going on computer.

1. AVG PC Tune Up Features :

System of Information : Provides an overview of your PC - invaluable when obtaining technical support.
Manager of Service : Disable unnecessary services that provide valuable CPU power of memory, and space consuming.
De-frag of Registry : Re-write the record to consume less memory and give your applications faster access.
Start the Administrator : Free up system resources by disabling unnecessary programs running at startup.
Manager of Tweak : Customize the settings for Windows 280 + improve your system speed and performance.
Internet Optimizer: Speed up your Internet connection by selectively adjust your connection.

2. Cleaner of System :

Cleaner of Registry : After uninstalling the software, you forget some programs to remove the registry values. This will cause problems. This registry cleaner is clean uninstalls all of the information content, the uptake and undesirable. Corrects damaged files that slow down your PC freeze and crash.
Works of Uninstall Manager : Allows you to manage installed software. Some software are some problems with the uninstallation. This software fix this problem. Remove remove applications quickly and correctly the installation files on your registration.

3. System Free up : 

Temporary files, Disk space, Temporary Internet files, duplicate files, but in reality it is no longer needed files. Deleting these files will be our space on the hard disk.
Finder Duplicate File : Remove duplicate files, saving valuable space. This
software scans your hard and find duplicate files.
Cleaner of Disk : Eliminate clutter and unwanted files from your hard disk.
Explorer of Disk : Identifies large files and save those who do not need a removable disk.

4. Protect Space to yourself :

Wiper of Disk : Towels ensure complete units that deleted files can not be recovered. Track Eraser, Clear history, internet history, recent files, etc., to prevent increasing your privacy that others experience that Web sites, files and applications you have open.
Shredder of File : Make sure that confidential data can not be retrieved and read prying eyes.

5. Recovery & Protect To your Personal Files :

Disk Doctor : Lost clusters, Directory errors that can cause data loss & Identifies bad sectors.
System of Recovery : Accidental deletion & Recover to lost files due to software errors.

Minimum System Requriments Need to use AVG PC Tune up :
OS : Windows XP, Windows 7 or Windows Vista.
Processor Memory : Minimum 1.6GHZ
RAM : 128MB
HDD Space : 250MB or Better.