How to Deactivate Facebook timeline on easy way

Tutorial to Deactivate Facebook timeline for Users
Today some of people hate to use the timeline of Facebook and prefer to use the old version. Even its a beta version , most of the users already activate it  from Facebook developers apps and you know Facebook now has become everyday activities for us and we cant live without it even a single moment.

So that means i am sure you too have facebook and are enjoying various facilities in facebook. In recent time facebook has launch timeline service in facebook profile. using this service you can change your profile outlook in facebook and easily can design your profile very smartly. Even you have such kinds of facilities but some of the user don't like it. They like to deactivate timeline and get back into old profile interface.

So may be you too like to deactivate timeline. Do you know how to deactivate facebook timeline? Today i am gonna show you how to deactivate facebook timeline? How to Deactivate Facebook timeline?

1. Login to your facebook profile
2. Go to facebook developer page:
3. Select the app from the left menu which you created while activating the new facebook timeline feature 4. click “Edit App” from top right As show picture below:

5. on the edit app page, select “Delete app” from left menu (last link) As shown the picture below:

6.and confirm delete Clcik on confirm as shown picture below:

You are done.