HTML Tutorial For Beginner (How to)

HTML Tutorial For Beginner (How to)

HTML is one of the simplest and most useful coding languages in the computer world.  If you have a simple-text editor like Notepad you should be able to get started right away!

First of all you need to know that this is a Tag: <tag>, this is an Element: <tag> at the beginning and </tag> at the end and an Attribute modifies an element.  The Elements are each individual bit of your webpage, from titles to graphics and links.  When you’re writing an Element it looks like this:

<p>content or words that comprise a paragraph</p>

The <p> signals the opening of a paragraph, the content is regular human language and then the </p> is the Tag signal that closes the Element.

Use the tag <html> to begin and </html> to end each html web page.  To start the head, which is for scripting more than it is for text, you insert <head> scripting </head> all before the <title>whatever title you want </title> and the <body> for paragraphs and graphics </body>

So, in the end your HTML code will look something a bit like this:

<title>My First WebPage</title>
Everything you want to say

And voila! You have a webpage in HTML.  CSS and Javascript are more complex, and once you have a handle on HTML you can start to implement more complex elements to your page.

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