Oracle Demands Billion of Dollars from Google

Oracle Demand Billion of Dollars from Google

CALIFORNIA  - USA database vendor, Oracle, ready to sue Google to billions of dollars for alleged patent infringement on their Android operating system. The charges against Google is already posted Oracle since last year, shortly after their acquisition of Sun Microsystems who developed the Java programming language. Oracle pointed to Google's Android operating system violated several patents Java theirs. Now, Oracle finally mention their nominal claims.
Cellular News , Friday (06/17/2011), reported that Oracle intends to ask for compensation up to "billions of dollars" to the internet giant from Mountain View. In response, Google claims Oracle's request "unbelievable" and asked the court to ignore these demands. Moreover, according to Google, Oracle does not just ask for a license on their handset in the future, but also fines from violations in the past. Google wants the matter closed, but Oracle insisted on sharing the details with the public. "These demands are based on the methodology that has been generally accepted as well as many concrete evidence. This is not supposed to be hidden from the public," said Oracle. The case plan would be put on trial in November in Northern California.