Increase the number of website visitors with Pay Per View PPV Network

Increase the number of website visitors with Pay Per View PPV Network

Pay per view or also called Cost Per view is a system of online advertising, to bring in traffic or website visitors by using adware software on user. 
What is Adware? Is a software that voluntarily downloaded by the user as the default when downloading games, wallpaper, etc.. 
If you use Pay per View service as a way of increasing the number of visitors to your blog then your ad will appear in the user's computer for adware is installed.

Benefits of Pay per View in Increasing Number of visitors to your site / blog

Because of its instant in advertising you do not need to bother writing a letter copy to increase conversion, or worry about SEO optimization. What should be done is to choose keywords and do a bid on the keywords you select. Ease back, some competitions advertising, Pay Per View fewer advertisements so as to obtain a price bid per view reach $ 0.02 or even $ 0.01.

Targeted Visitors from pay per View

To note that the traffic pay per view from adware derived from activities wallpaper download, free software, games etc.. So that visitors from pay per view were mostly young men who like to play games, downloadable games, the toolbar.
The best deals are suitable for visitors pay per view is free games, quizzes, or the chance to win a laptop. Pay Per View is not suitable to search for affiliate traffic, buying and selling. Selaion is Pay per view is also not suitable for a case of a request to enter the CPA website email, ZIP code, fill out a form because traffic usually comes from PopUp PPV or also Pop under generally less suitable for the offered product.

Pay Per view network

PPV networ k is the buying and selling traffic with Pay per View system like google adsense and adwords are buying and selling traffic via PPC. some of the recommendations of the popular PPV networks, among others:

Techniques to advertise on Pay Per View PPV Network

After you register as an advertiser on PPV Network suppose the next step that you make a campaign by doing a bid on keywords that you biding. 
Keyword-keyword phrases are not necessarily in words but can be a website URL for ads will appear when each user who opens the website you biding. 
How to do targeted advertising PPV right? there some easy way you can try. One of them by doing a search on google. Next, you copy all URLs from the search results on the first page of google, either from the website free search results or the results of the google ads. Paste all the website address in your campaing bid list.