Nokia Maps Free Navigation Download and Offline mode (Tested)

Nokia Maps V3.03 Size 5.2 mb Free Navogation (Offline)

Switching between Online and Offline mode in Maps will not prevent data charges through the user of Positioning settings such as AGPS and WiFi/Network positioning.
These will need to be turned off in the Positioning Settings on your device. Please see your device manual for more information.

To avoid this just get this tutorial:

1. Download and install Nokia Maps v3.03 on your Mobile.

2. Open this link Nokia Maps Cities and download according to your city

3. Then extract the you have just downloaded on your computer.

7. Send to your Mobile via USB or another device, browse to folder [memory card] \cities

8. COPY all the files in the file zip to the folder \cities in memory card just replace it. it's ok !

9. Done ! Enjoy your maps offline without anycharge and free navigation.

Feel free to ask me if you have problem.. :)