How to Upgrade Firmware Nokia Offline with Nokia Care Suit

This is Tutorial How to Upgrade Firmware Nokia Offline with Nokia Care Suit :
* Download and Install Nokia Care Suite (Nokia Care Suite).
Simply click next, and let the installation run by itself. Do not forget to tick the option to display shourtcut on the desktop, so you do not look for hassles. After installation is complete, go to Nokia Care Suite and will appear as follows:

* Then extract the file in File Update archive that you install and let the installation run (Download Offline Package). Just click next and wait until the process is complete. Somewhat longer, because the file reaches 900MB mobile phone that includes all code, even though we later we will not use it all. These files will be extracted to C: \ Program Files \Common Files \ Nokia \ DataPackage \ Products.

* In the main view, click the "Store PST" and will appear as follows:

* Next, do a little setting. Click File, Preferences and the display appears as shown below. Click on the tab "Datapackage" and select "Local mode ...". In Datapackage, click browse and select the directory where you extract the update file. The default in C: \ Program Files \ Common Files \ Nokia \ DataPackage \ Products.

* Then, everything will be auto detect by Nokia Care Suite. Click start and let the update process is running.
At the update is running, your phone will off and on alone. Do not worry, this is normal. After the update process is complete, the phone will live as usual and your firmware is updated with the latest version

Note: in this update process, you do not need to do a backup cell phone, because after the update is completed, all will be restored as before. However, to avoid unwanted things, do a backup is also not a problem.