How to Restore Computer to Factory Setting

How to Restore Computer to Factory Setting

Problems we often encounter is when there is an error message out of nowhere and we do not know that there are files stored on the hard drive just disappears. of course, things that often make this kind of virus that attacks the hardware and some hardware that functions less true. even a few times windows update can not solve this problem.

first you need to know the difference between the sytem restore or system recovery. restore your system to a previous date when the computer is working fine can pass this step. it just click and follow the instructions and complete.

A more radical remedy may be required when your hard drive will not boot up, or when you can't get the computer to navigate through the windows you need for a restore point reset. This radical resetting of the computer is called a system recovery (not a system restore) This will put your computer back to factory settings but you will lose any files you had like pictures, music and word documents.

THIS IS HOW IT WORKS : Each computer manufacturer has a special key you have to hit WHEN YOU POWER ON the computer Here are some of the keys,

HP and Compaq desktops/towers use F10,

E Machines and Gateway PC use F11,

Toshiba laptop F12,

Sony PC F10 .

IBM and Lenovo F11

Here is the trick- power the computer off, and then power it back on and start tapping the appropriate key eg F10 until a screen pops up saying "DO YOU WANT TO DO A SYSTEM RESTORE" Once this system restore window opens, stop tapping and just follow the instructions. Some of the older computers may ask you for the restore discs so have those ready. Most newer computers do not need restore discs. The whole system restore could take 2 or 3 hours. When done, reboot your computer and it should be all new and speedy again.