Download Extract and convert PDFs in a few clicks (Portable)

PDF files can be a real pain if you want to take information from them and don't have Adobe Reader. Able2Extract is an application designed to make it easy to deal with.
The main selling point of Able2Extract is that it's especially designed to extract to Microsoft Word and Excel files with as much formatting and tables etc. intact as possible.

This trial version lets you convert up to three pages at a time to whatever format you choose. the interface is really nicely designed, and won't cause anyone problems. Converting files from PDF is could hardly be easier. Highlight what you want to convert and click convert.

For text PDFs the conversion quality is generally fantastic, we didn't notice any errors. When dealing with things like charts and graphs, Able2Extract isn't quite as good, although it deals with tables well if you convert to Excel format.more 

File size 25.8 mb