How to update Anti Virus Offline (Complete Tutorial)

There are many ways to update antivirus without connecting to internet (offline mode). some instruction you may follow is this :

1. You had to download the last version of the virus definitions a exe file(ex: 32mb) and you transfer it to the offline computer (ex: in a usb).

2. You execute it an its all.

Here is some most Anti Virus tutorial to update :


Most McAfee antivirus (VirusScan, NetShield, GroupShield, WebShield) can be updated using a simple executable file:
Go to
Click "I Agree"
Download the file sdatXXXX.exe
Copy on a pendrive and connect it to the target computet and run the .exe file to update the antivirus.


Run this .exe file to update the antivirus Avast.

This off-line update will only work if a serial number has been entered into Avast.

AntiVir Personal Edition

Download ivdf:
Copy the Zip file on the machine that has no Internet (using a USB key for example).
Start AntiVir, and in the main window, select Update> Manual Update ... and target the ZIP file (No need to unzip the file).
This updates the engine as well as signatures.

Spybot Search & Destroy

Download http:
Run this .exe file to update Spybot.


Download http:
Unpack the ZIP file in the installation directory of Ad-Aware.


Go to:
Right click on the link under "Virus Signature files" Save Target As
Unzip the downloaded file, you must keep the pav.sig file
Open Panda click Configure.
Under "Update Location " choose the path "floppy, CD-ROM or local network" and enter the path to the file pav.sig, C:\Users\Moi\Desktop\pav\
Click on "Update".

Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware

Download it here: Malwarebytes
Download the update offline here: MBAM Rules.exe
Save the file to your desktop or My Documents folder to find easily.
Once the download is complete, double click the downloaded executable (or transfer it to the computer without a connection) and follow the wizard. After all the procedures are completed, you will see in the Malwarebytes Anti-malware interface, that the software has been updated.

many thanks @Kioskea

Please enjoy and feel free to ask.. :)