Easy way to Download mp3 from 4shared.com

Many have trouble downloading songs from 4shared.com, they often wait for a specified time if they chose to download as free members ...

But now you need not worry you can download the song or clip from 4shared without waiting for a long time.

all you need is an internet download manager download and install on your computer, then follow the following steps...

1. Install IDM (for versions under v5.20 I can not guarantee), keep installed and include the web browser you used, in this case I use Mozilla Fire Fox.

2. After that please re-enter 4shared and please search the songs you want. Select will display a page that allows us to listen to songs before you download.

3. After loaded page as above, do not immediately click the blue button that reads "Download Now", because you will get a count time that should make you wait. But you try to play streaming songs that you will download in the palyer has been provided on the page.

4. By the time you have played and IDM include the Fire Fox, the IDM will automatically detect the file and the song will appear on the player button IDM Downloader 4shared. Please click "Download this Audio" and you do not need to wait to download. 

5. Done.. you got the preview which is the same as original mp3 just rename it.